My Story

A Bit About Me

My name is Ryan and created Fat Cow Skincare because of my lack of trust in big skincare brands. A life long battle with sensitive skin and an interest for alternative living led me to researching what was actually in my 'sensitive' skincare and what I found out was twisted.

What I discovered

I found out that most skincare products on store shelfs were all filled with the same common, toxic, irritating, nasty ingredients (if you can call them that).

I was using sensitive skincare but still finding myself having regular flare ups and feeling like my skin was lacking the nutrients it needed.

I decided to experiment 

I made homemade creams from a bunch of different plant based oils but nothing really worked - they were greasy, didn't do the job and were not compatible with my skin.

Then one day I came across Tallow and learnt of it's nutrient density and how it has all the components of a powerful moisturiser without the need for multiple ingredients.

How we ended up here

Fat Cow wasn't created over night and without it's troubles. After countless attempts, lot's of mess in the kitchen and a few oil stained t-shirts I finally came up with a recipe that my test subjects (my family) all agreed felt nice on skin, didn't make you smell like a roast dinner and most importantly, had all the benefits of a great moisturiser.