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"Tallow soothes and calms my eczema without delayed reactions."

Loved and used by real life human people just like you!

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Hidden ingredients in your skincare are upsetting your skin.
Try using our natural alternative with just 2 ingredients.

‘I was just shocked. I’m no stranger to medical-grade expensive skincare but this just blew everything I knew out of the water. I was amazed at how good it was and how quick the response in my skin was to when I used it.’

"Tallow contains omega-3 fatty acids, which benefit the skin’s surface. It also offers other benefits from essential acids, such as oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid, which all help aid in skin hydration and overall appearance."

Also, because it’s derived from animals instead of plants, it’s closer in composition to our human skin. Traditional wisdom was well aware of the wonderful properties of tallow. It was very commonly used before sub-par, synthetic body care products came onto the mass market in the twentieth century.


A lot of big brands out there use un-natural ingredients that are cheap to use yet are known to disrupt hormones, have links to the immune issues and damage the skins biome in order to bulk up and cut costs.

The average high street moisturiser contains over 20 chemicals. Fat Cow’s creams are made from nothing but Tallow and Jojoba Oil - two organic ingredients with multiple skin healing powers!

  • HYDRATE - Tallow is an emolient meaning it will lock in moisture to your skin.
  • NOURISH - Nutrient desnity is what makes Tallow so powerful, a list of vitamins & minerals from 1 ingredient.
  • PROTECT - Tallow mimics the building blocks of our skin, creating a barrier of protection.

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Fat Cow Skincare

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We are given too many choices these days with new buzzwords popping up in the skincare industry each month.

If your skincare products contain over 20 ingredients and you have different products on your skin each day, then HOW ON EARTH do you know which ingredient is helping or even worse, damaging your skin?

Our approach is to use as few ingredients as possible while providing your skin with all the nutrients it needs to remain healthy, young and soft.


Contains Vitamins

Retains youthfullness in skin.

Creates protective barrier.

Reverses the effects of damage.

Improves tone and texture of skin.

The Science Behind Tallow

The Science Behind Tallow

When from a 100% Grass-Fed cow, the fat around the kidneys (the suet/leaf fat) is one of the most nutrient dense ingredients found in nature.

We use a careful rendering process to isolate the tallow oil and purify it to its most nutritious form, making it perfectly bioavailable - meaning that it is left in a perfect form for our skin to recognise and use without leaving the skin feeling oily.

CPSR Certified - Safe For Public Use

Used For Centuries - Lost To Time

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